EasyLunchboxes featured on Komo News, Seattle WA: Kid-safe, eco-friendly...

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EasyLunchboxes featured on Komo News, Seattle WA, with Connie Thompson reporting.

Also featured in the piece are Chef Neil and Emily Dexter from "Lunchbox Leverage" at

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EasyLunchboxes Presents Healthy, Fresh, Organic, and Waste Free Lunch

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Reporter, Connie Thompson visits Chef Neil and Emily Dexter from their company "Lunchbox Leverage" on a mission to provide healthy lunches for kids, at an affordable price. We are thrilled to see EasyLunchboxes used for such a great cause.

Lunchbox Leverage provides creative, healthy, fresh, organic, local and waste free lunches delivered to your children at their school or daycare center in the greater Seattle area. Giving back to our community, one lunch at a time! Earn $0.10 per lunch for your school by ordering from Lunchbox Leverage! Follow us and see lunches posted with photos, reviews, news and interesting articles about kids, nutrition and good food!

How their system works...

Parents Order:
Parents can login at their convenience to order lunches and pay online. At this time, menu's are posted the 15th of the month for the following month, our goal is to get the whole year up so if you wanted to you could just order for the whole year all at once and not have to think about lunch again. Once you log in you are taken to the ordering calendar where you will see and order from the menu. Once the order is finished you will be able to print your own menu calendar of lunches for your fridge or where ever you like.

Kids Eat:
All lunches will be delivered to the school by 9am daily. The lunches are cold and packaged individually in a thermal bag labeled with the students name. Please remember to bring your own water bottle. Students are responsible for picking up their lunch in the schools designated area, most likely the office, and for returning the lunchbox, thermal bag, utensil, and ice block to the same designated area.


When it comes to pleasing a kid's picky palette, Chef Neil Dexter does his homework.

"Take a look at the food that you would eat and take a look at the food your kid enjoys eating, and then put those together," Dexter said.

Neil and his wife Emily run a small catering company in Seattle. One of their new projects of passion is creating unique boxed lunches for kids.

They call it Lunchbox Leverage -- nutritious, balanced, fresh food -- organic when possible -- without preservatives, chemicals and toxic packaging.

The key ingredient? A mini-muffin pan. Mini-muffin pans are also used for making mini-meat loaves.

"Mini-muffin pan is one of our best friends down here!" Dexter grinned in the couple's commercially-licensed catering kitchen built in the back of their Ravenna area home.

The Dexters say the key for getting kids to eat packed lunches is to get creative. Instead of a plain ol' apple with a cheese stick, they have sliced apple rings layered between rounded sliced of cheese that have been cut with a cookie cutter to match the size of the apple rings.

Instead of a boring sandwich, a tortilla layered with whipped cream cheese, sliced beets and fresh spinach, then rolled up tight and sliced into tasty, inch-wide pinwheels.

The couple is especially conscious about vegetarian diets and food allergies.

The Dexters say they're currently contracted to provide ready-to-eat, boxed lunches for a local private school, but they're convinced they have the winning ingredients to offer the service to other parents in Seattle.

"We have a website that is set up with really great software," Emily Dexter said. A calendar lays out the menu options for each day, with a choice between two protein entrees each day. Emily says prices range from $5 for a healthy snack of bagel, hummus and veggie sticks, to $6-7 for a full lunch with entree, fruit, vegetable, dessert and snack -- all created with kids in mind.

One popular snack alternative combines oven roasted garbanzo beans with cinnamon and honey.

Neil Dexter says you start by draining and drying a can of garbanzo beans and peeling off the skins.

"Toss 'em in a little bit of canola oil. Roast 'em (spread out on a cookie sheet) about 40 minutes at 400 degrees. Pull 'em out. Toss 'em in a little bit of honey and cinnamon, and stick 'em back in for about 7 minutes to let the honey crystallize," he said.

The Dexters say their goal is to work with local schools so they can arrange to drop the pre-packed, pre-labeled lunches at the kids' schools each day. Emily Dexter says they're still working on details, since they don't want to compete with school cafeterias lunch programs or create extra work for school staff.

"We just want to help parents who want healthy, tasty alternatives for the lunches their kids would otherwise take from home," she said.

Neil Dexter says many of the entrees, including mini-meat loaves, mini-quiches, and mac 'n cheese bites, can be made ahead of time, frozen then taken from the freezer and packed the night before.


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