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Kelly Lester is The Singing CEO!:

The Young Actors' Theatre Camp (YATC) is a week-long overnight theatre training intensive held twice a year in the San Francisco Bay Area.

We have students from all over the country who come together to learn from amazing teachers from San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York ~ working professionals from Film, Television and Broadway!

Weekend Casting Director Workshops feature some of Hollywood's most amazing Casting Directors who come to teach our kids what it takes to make it in Hollywood.

All camps and workshops cater to each student's specific needs and skill levels by creating a safe and nurturing environment for all kids to "Discover and Develop the Artist Within!"

Come see why YATC is one of the country's premiere drama and theatre camps!

Summer Sessions, Winter Sessions & Weekend Workshops Available.

Come learn and have fun at YATC! More info at:

Shawn Ryan

John Ainsworth

The Young Actors Theatre Camp Mission Statement:
At the Young Actors' Theatre Camp our vibrant staff builds an amazing environment that ignites creativity and allows students to "Discover and Develop the Artist Within!" We provide a safe and nurturing community that allows students of all ages and experience levels the opportunity to cultivate and explore a life in the performing arts. We honor our students innate love of learning and their passion for performing to help them prepare for a life of purpose and integrity. Students will gain skills and confidence allowing them to meet the daily challenges of school, friends, family and the world.

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Kelly Lester is the creator and CEO of and the host of the musical web series, Let's Do Lunch!. She's also a wife, mom of 3, and an actress/singer.

I'm seriously sad when I see what a lot of kids bring to school for lunch. I'm even sadder when I see what school districts offer up to our kids for 'school lunch'. I grew up in a house where my mom cooked dinner every night. We also brought our lunch to school in a brown paper bag with our name scribbled on it. I grew up in a pretty affluent suburb of Los Angeles, but my parents got us there by clipping coupons and taking care of what we already had. I guess that included taking care of our bodies. In the early 60′s, people thought my parents were nuts for eating yogurt and wheat germ long before it became fashionable. My wonderful parents knew just enough to keep us away from greasy school lunches with dreaded mystery meat. Pizza day in Junior High was the exception. My parents weren't totally heartless.

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