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EasyLunchboxes: The Best Lunchbox System You Will Find!
EasyLunchbox SystemPack waste-free lunch boxes fast with our single-lid, 3-compartment, bento-style plastic food containers. Affordable lunch box containers and cooler bags for work or school lunches. This is the best lunchbox system to turn your kids lunch ideas into school lunches they can't resist, or make your own healthy meal ideas a snap to pack for work. My EasyLunchbox System pairs food-safe reusable lunch containers with roomy cooler bags. It's the green, sack lunch alternative — sized just right for kids and adults. Our lunch boxes allow you to pack lunches quickly, using your own healthy lunch recipes. was born out of my response to disturbingly unhealthy school lunch programs. I resolved to send my kids to school with nutritious meals, using little to no wasteful packaging. And though I'm very concerned with my family's health and nutrition, as a busy mom, I like to spend as little time as possible in the kitchen. I'm all about fresh, healthy and FAST.

A Streamlined Solution for Packing Lunch Boxes:
As a Mom of 3, I knew there had to be a timesaving method for packing lunches. Rather than use a myriad of individual plastic food storage containers and wasteful disposable baggies, I thought, "What if I had one reusable lunch container for everything?" So I created the EasyLunchbox container — a terrific Bento box alternative; easier and better, as there's only one lid that fits securely on top of all 3 compartments. Even if you have a house full of picky eaters with individualized lunch menus or dietary restrictions, the different-colored lids make it easy to keep track of who gets what. No matter what lunch recipes you decide to try, the 3 sections ensure healthy portion sizes. Please note that the lids are not super tight fitting as they are meant to be opened easily by little fingers. Small children won't need help opening up these portable lunch containers. They stay closed, but even toddlers will find them quick and easy to open.

Easy Lunch boxes Save Time!:
Here's what I do: I put the open lunch boxes on my kitchen counter, prepare and cut all the food at once, and then plop the healthy lunches I've made, assembly line style, into the open food containers. I close each lunch box quickly with it's one lid and I'm done! In the morning, I take the lunch containers out of the fridge and put them into my soft-sided 6-can cooler type insulated lunch bags. Additionally I'll put an ice block, extra snacks, yogurt, or a thermos of soup, and a drink, all in the lunch bag! And I love that it's all carried upright, not sideways, so when I open my lunch, nothing looks messy. :)

Adults Benefit from Packing Healthy Lunch Recipes:
We offer the best lunchbox solution and creative lunch menu ideas for adult and kids' lunches. If you're trying to eat healthier, the cafeteria at work can be dangerous. A delicious packed lunch could help prevent you from hitting the french fries or purchasing wallet-draining deli sandwiches! Prepare healthy alternatives at home and save money too. The EasyLunchbox System allows most of your time in the kitchen to be spent preparing, rather than packing your meals. EasyLunchboxes are great for portioning servings out in advance.

Our Lunch Boxes are Eco-Friendly:
They're BPA-free, SAFE and environmentally friendly, too! You'll find it easy to 'go green' by using EasyLunchboxes for a waste-free lunch. In my house, we keep a few sets of Easy Lunch Boxes. This way, I pack lunches for my family in one set of containers, while the other lunchboxes are in the dishwasher! Easy! No more messy (and environmentally unfriendly) plastic bags, good only for a single use. Easy Lunch Boxes accommodate different types of food, and our three compartment plastic food containers can hold a sandwich and two side dishes. Now, if you have 3 kids like I do, you'll appreciate that there are only 6 pieces in your dishwasher every night instead of the 18 different plastic bottoms and lids you'd have to use if you were to pack the same lunches! What a timesaver, now that you won't have to dry and put away all those mismatched food container pieces!

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